CBD For Stress Relief

Discover the Many Reasons Parents use CBD for Stress Relief

  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new normal means your home office often includes children in the background, making parenting even harder than it usually is.
  • It is in these times especially that as a parent, one must find effective and healthy ways to switch off and calm down. CBD may prove to be a wonderful resource.
  • Here are some reasons why parents use CBD for stress relief:
  1. To spend some time with oneself
  2. To get a good night’s rest
  3. For a quick pick-me-up
  4. Self-care
  5. Healthy indulgence from time-to-time
  6. To increase libido

From the moment you hold your child in your arms for the first time, you fall in love with that little angel in ways you could never have imagined before. Taking care of them means that you have to go through countless sleepless nights and a certain lack of sanity. But there’s nowhere else you’d rather be because that little person brings so much love and happiness into your life. 

High-quality CBD

But to be completely honest, every day of parenthood presents new challenges. Whether it’s the disaster they’ve created in their own room or the constant dirt and paint splashes they’ve gotten everywhere; these situations are more than enough to drive any sane person up the wall, no matter how much you love your kids. 

Because CBD oil has been shown to impact multiple receptors and neurotransmitters in the body, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how it relieves stress. Science’s best estimation is that CBD oil reduces stress through neuroregeneration, cortisol regulation, and the stimulation of neurotransmitters

Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed six scenarios that we have all faced as parents; alongside some hemp products that could help you relieve some of that stress in those situations. 

How to use CBD for stress relief

1. Spending some quality time with yourself

We know it can be hard to admit, but spending some time by yourself becomes virtually non-existent once you have kids. Obviously, the situations do vary from home to home; but screaming, over-active kids seems to be the one thing we can all relate to. So in this case where a little CBD for stress relief is necessary, here’s a sleek secret that will help you – A CBD Vape Pen.

These compact pens can help you relax in a matter of minutes, giving you a quick-acting calming effect. So the next time your house is in the clasps of chaos, step into the other room, take a puff or two of the CBD Vape pen, and return with a cool and focused approach. 


2. Get a good night’s rest

Several things contribute to an interrupted sleep schedule, like excess blue light exposure, stress, and medications, among other things. 

It’s insane how tiring parenting can be, especially during the past year, when we’ve been in quarantine with entire families being stuck at home, around each other all day, every day. But when the sun sets and the kids are put to bed, it’s time to treat yourself with some hemp for stress relief, in the form of a gummy

Adding hemp gummies to your bedtime routine will help you relax and fall asleep faster and through the night. But don’t worry; you won’t be knocked out entirely. You’ll still be alert enough to hear your little ones in case they call out for you. 

3. For a quick pick-me-up

Coffee can be a very important part of a parent’s morning, and you may feel sluggish and unable to focus on any task without it. But what happens when it stops giving you the boost that you’re used to? There are times when coffee may even make you more tired than you already are, especially if you add a good measure of sugar to it.  

It’s always helpful to tweak your routine which can help you carve out some self-care time for yourself. And one of these tweaks can be using CBD for stress relief, in the form of our Hemp Immunity Capsules. With 10 mg of hemp per serving, these capsules are a concoction of healthy vitamins and minerals, which can help you focus on work, study better, and even give you the energy to chase your kids around the house. 

4. Self-care

Dealing with the pandemic has been stressful enough, and there’s nothing more beneficial for us than some serious self-care. It gives you a mental breather and helps you keep things in perspective. One of our favorite ways to indulge in self-care is through CBD for stress relief, in the form of a CBD bath bomb

Once your kids are in bed, run yourself a bath, light a candle, grab your favorite magazine or book, turn on some relaxing tunes, and soak yourself in 100 mg of pure hemp. It is bliss and you deserve it!

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5. Healthy indulgence from time-to-time

If you’re a parent who struggles because of over-indulging on your kid’s snack, then you’re not the only one. Even though you deserve that cookie every now and then, why not try one that is healthy for you? 

CBD for stress relief, in this case, comes in the form of homemade CBD cookies. Not only can you control the kind and quality of the ingredients that will go into it, but you can also add a dash of hemp oil to them. These cookies won’t make you high, but they will promote feelings of relaxation and provide a calming sensation to your body after a long day. 

6. To increase your libido

Sex is vital for parents to reconnect and relieve some of the stress and tension built up throughout the day. Being a parent can easily wear you out and reduce any desire to have sex. 

When you’re in frantic parent mode, sex is often the last thing on your tired mind, but CBD for stress relief might just help you get into the swing of it. CBD has been shown to increase libido, relieve anxiety, and simply make you feel much happier and relaxed. 

Adding CBD for stress relief to your daily parenting routine has its benefits. It helps you slow down and take a much-needed break. Try Califia Gold’s premium-quality hemp-derived products, today!

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