Side Effects To CBD

Are There Side Effects of CBD?

The CBD boom continues to expand throughout the U.S. and while research is ongoing, there are state and federal laws that vary. Thanks to its non-psychoactive properties and wealth of health benefits, CBD is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for people who want natural remedies for conditions bothering them. The research on CBD is up-and-coming, and people worldwide are taking it as a safe solution, (almost a miracle drug). But are there any downsides to taking CBD? Specifically, are there any adverse side effects of CBD? 

Let’s remember that all drugs or health supplements have some side effect or other. However, CBD’s side effects are next to none, and chances of any become even lower when consumed carefully. Modern medical science recognizes the presence of an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that permeates our entire physiology, which makes our body naturally absorb CBD. Experiencing unpleasant side effects does not mean that CBD doesn’t work for you – you might just need to be more cautious of quality and quantity.

In this blog, we will walk you through the known side effects of CBD and some of its potentially risky interactions. As always, while trying out new medicinal treatments or drugs, speak with a trusted medical professional first and foremost. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of CBD?

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The answer is yes. CBD is known to have a few side effects. However, these can be managed by starting with low doses and taking your time to understand how it interacts with your body. Keep scrolling to read a list of some reports of hemp oil side effects. 

1.Changes in appetite

Change in appetite is one of the more commonly reported CBD side effects, though there are mixed results in the studies on whether CBD increases or decreases it. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is inherent in the human body; however, CBD oil is known to be reactive to other substances that might affect your gut. 

2. Changes in weight

A change in appetite naturally leads to a change in weight. As your system and metabolism adjust, you may experience some fluctuations in weight. CBD oil is also known to help with weight management. 

3. Drowsiness

CBD oil is known to affect our sleep. For that reason, it’s especially desirable for insomniacs. Fatigue and drowsiness may also accompany CBD use as a side effect. Again, CBD oil affects each person differently. Some cases even show the opposite effect. Some reports claim that CBD helps make them feel more awake, energized, and alert. The instances of drowsiness being reported as a side effect tend to follow a particularly high CBD dose. 

3. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a commonly reported side-effect of taking too much CBD oil. Important to note is that this doesn’t mean you and CBD oil don’t mix. Additives or other present ingredients may be the culprit. That said, studies have shown that diarrhea is one of the most common CBD oil side effects. 

4. Anxiety

It may come as a shock to see anxiety listed as one of the side effects of a substance that claims to treat anxiety and depression. Keep in mind that both depression and anxiety, while widely and heavily studied, are nevertheless complex. The effects of CBD are different for each person, and mild cases of anxiety are a commonly reported side effect for a broad range of substances. 

5. Dizziness and lightheadedness

Dizziness and lightheadedness prove to be rarer and often a short-lived side effect of CBD. These usually accompany drowsiness and can be remedied with minimal exercise or caffeine, such as a cup of coffee or tea. 

These symptoms also surface whenever there is a drop in blood pressure, which is a known side effect of CBD. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, CBD may be a good option for you. On the other hand, if your blood pressure is healthy, you may experience a drop that leads to lightheadedness. 

If you’re taking blood pressure medication already, the chances are that CBD is not a good option. Again, something as simple as coffee may help but make sure that you consult with your physician first. 

6. Dry mouth

CBD is only one of 110 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. What these all have in common is the side effect of drying out the mouth. ECS receptors reside in your salivary glands. Smoking or taking CBD orally can affect those glands. A simple fix for this issue is to drink more water to experience instant relief. 

7. Nausea and vomiting

CBD oil also can help alleviate nausea and vomiting. To better understand why this happens, we follow the mechanism behind these two symptoms:

Additives are often found in low-quality products so whenever your body believes you’ve ingested a toxic substance, nausea tends to precede vomiting in order to remove it. That could mean that CBD oil is not directly responsible. People with extremely sensitive stomachs may also experience these two side effects. 

If you’ve experienced nausea or vomiting from CBD, you may try a higher quality product that’s FDA-approved to ensure accurate labeling. You can also start with a lower dosage if you’re new to CBD, as your body may not be used to it yet. 

Additionally, there are certain situations where adverse reactions or potential harm can occur, such as when breastfeeding children under two years old. It can also potentially be harmful to those with movement disorders. Read on to know in what cases you must avoid taking CBD. 

When should I avoid taking CBD?

  • 1. During breastfeeding

Taking CBD oil while breastfeeding is not medically advised. The THC found in marijuana and some hemp products has been shown to have adverse effects that could be detrimental to young children’s brain development. That said, most of this is based on speculation, and researchers and medical scientists often disagree. The argument is that CBD may even have positive effects as it’s a known promoter of neurogenesis and has other neuroprotective properties. As always, consult with your pediatrician or other trusted health professionals before breastfeeding while using CBD. 

2. For children aged two or younger

This recommendation comes by way of lack of quality regulation, proper labeling, and the effect of THC, which should not be, but sometimes still is, present in CBD products. 

3. For those with movement disorders

People who suffer from dystonic movement disorders (or have in the past) should be extra cautious when using CBD. Studies show a drop in psychomotor or the speed of thought processes, and physical movements can occur. 

The side effects of CBD are minimal, especially when used correctly. Begin your wellness journey with Califia Gold CBD products, which are a great way to introduce CBD into your lifestyle. As California’s industry-leading cannabis advisors, Califia Gold provides you with high–quality, safe, and effective CBD products.

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