Age Limit for CBD

Is There Any Age Limit In Buying CBD?

One of the most asked questions by potential CBD users on many search engines is, “Is there an age requirement for CBD?” This question is typed in so often partly because there is a high concentration of minors and under 21 buyers interested in the product. But despite the interest, there still seems to be a substantive lack of clear information regarding the age limit for CBD requirements in the United States. 

The reality is that there is no simple, straightforward answer to this question. Instead, the CBD age limits to buy and smoke varies significantly all over the country. Potential buyers have to figure out the age restriction in their state, understand the regulations in detail, and the specific retailers and smoke shops one can buy from. 

For the most part, CBD can be purchased and smoked by anyone over the age of eighteen. In select jurisdictions, this age is upped to twenty-one. But on the internet, a different set of rules and a loose enforcement mechanism create a different situation.

Here, you’ll learn more about the age limit requirements and restrictions for buying and using smokeable CBD. 

The Legality of CBD

A major factor in the legality of CBD has always been the way the federal government approaches the substance. Luckily for CBD lovers, The ‘Farm Bill’ from the United States government has completely legalized the hemp industry and the CBD oil market by extension. While this does not change much for CBD users over 21 years who live in jurisdictions where the products were already sold, it quickly shaped the scene in some other parts of the country which were previously less friendly towards it. 

Now, hemp oil is being sold in many smoke shops, which traditionally only sold tobacco and tobacco smoking supplies. This means that CBD has become more available and widely accessible to those who have access to such lucrative smoke shops.


Is there an age limit for CBD?

Hemp CBD oil should be available to people of all ages – at least in theory. The product does not induce a high, and it often comes without the harmful toxic materials found in other smokeable products such as cigarettes or cigars. But a series of resounding legal restrictions and pervasive questions continue to make it harder to get a clear answer. 

CBD with a THC percentage significant enough to cause intoxication is generally prohibited from being sold in many parts of the country. But even in those parts of the country where medical or recreational marijuana is legal – such as Colorado, Washington, California, and a few others – the products still will often be sold in shops where the age limit restriction is 21 years old. 

The conflicting rules and regulations all over the country make it hard to give a straight yes-or-no answer to the question of whether you can buy CBD in your jurisdiction. Instead, we encourage you to research the regulations regarding CBD and age requirements in your state. As a general rule, customers above the age of 21 years should almost always be in the clear, as they can certainly enter and purchase from any establishment that would carry CBD oil. 

But for those under 21, and especially those CBD users under the age of 18, the question is a much more important one. They are encouraged to reach out to their local P.D. and ask for clarification on the existing federal, state, and local rules that might prevent them from purchasing the CBD products they’ve had their eye on. 

Americans Use CBD

The growing CBD industry

There is a huge difference between buying CBD from a brick-and-mortar establishment and online. In addition to many concerns about product purity and quality, some complain that there are very few clear restrictions on who can and cannot purchase CBD oil off the internet. 

In reality,  most websites do have age restrictions, and it’s either eighteen or twenty-one, with many sites deferring to the same age rules employed popular smoke shops in the area they’re located. However, customers don’t need to prove to be over those ages to buy.

A lack of federal regulations on CBD and industrial hemp means that there are often little-to-no repercussions for customers who fudge on the age disclaimers and lie about their age to purchase CBD. So, while in theory, there are age requirements to buy CBD all over the internet, in reality, there are very few enforcement mechanisms that exist to ensure that these rules are followed strictly.

Where can I find the most reliable information on CBD legalities?

Because of the multi-faceted and highly complex nature of the question, we encourage you to reach out to reliable sources in the government to find out if you can smoke legally in your home or city. Generally, these sources include the Governor’s office, local police departments, the District Attorney’s office, the state representative office, or the office of a state or federal Senator. 

Additionally, more specific searches online might yield jurisdiction-specific information on the legality of industrialized hemp and smokeable CBD products for a specific age.

Is CBD harmful to children?

There is no evidence that using CBD products is harmful to children. Children benefit from CBD the same way adults do, such as but not only helps with sleep, anxiety, and body inflammation.

Overall, hemp has the inherent properties and qualities to massively improve society and Califia Gold wants to be a part of its positive transformation in the world. Take a look at our products here.

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