CBD For Inflammation

What To Know About CBD For Inflammation?

CBD for inflammation is a complex biological response of the body when it fights harmful stimuli. This is a protective mechanism that involves several types of cells and organs, and its main function is to eliminate the initial cause of the injury, clear out the damaged tissues, and initiate tissue repair. 

There are five common symptoms of all types of inflammation – heat, pain, redness, swelling and loss of function. Inflammation is a generic response of the body and is a defensive mechanism of the innate immunity of the body. 

Inflammation can stem from physical, chemical or biological causes and sometimes even psychological causes. These include burning or freezing, and physical injuries like hits, blows, splinters among others. Chemical toxins and alcohol can cause inflammation, as can various types of infections. In some people, even severe stress and overwhelming excitement can cause inflammation. 

There are different treatments, depending on the cause and type of inflammation. However, this complex reaction can be helped with taking alternative medications like CBD. 


CBD For Inflammation

According to a number of studies, CBD reduces inflammation. Many cannabinoids could potentially fight inflammation, but one comprehensive study has shown that CBD is the most effective of all, and in the test studies in mice, inflammation was reduced up to 50% after treating them with CBD. 

Inflammation is a serious condition that is an accompanying symptom of arthritis, multiple sclerosis and similar ailments. CBD could be helpful in the long-term treatment of these diseases. The method of operation is not completely understood yet, but scientists link CBD with protecting the body by introducing anti-inflammatory pathways.  

Research has shown that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body is responsible for keeping homeostasis and regulating sleep, pain, the immune system, appetite and other important functions. 

This system has specific CBD receptors. The ECS is governed by naturally occurring endocannabinoids in the body like anandamide, which has the role of neurotransmitters that bind with the specific CB receptors in the body.

CBD binds with the specific CBD receptors, and when the natural endocannabinoids are lacking, CBD takes on their role, stimulating the improvement of the immune response, pain response and the other functions. Many studies have shown this link, albeit in studies with animals, but people have not waited for human studies and have taken CBD for a while now. Often with great success.

This may be due to the effect CBD has on the Endocannabinoid system, as it stimulates the system to restores its natural balance and finds relief from many symptoms including inflammation. People that have been using CBD regularly have stated that they have found pain relief and better immune response, significantly lowering inflammation. 

CBD products for inflammation

The CBD industry offers plenty of options for people to use CBD. There are CBD oils for inflammation, tinctures, capsules, edibles, vapes, pills, suppositories, creams, and more. The main preferred method of taking CBD is in the form of a CBD tincture. This product is made by blending CBD oil with some carrier oil, like MCT coconut oil. 

The CBD tincture can be taken sublingually or added into food or drinks. The best results are achieved by taking a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, as this product contains all the beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant. 

Another type of CBD product that can be very helpful for inflammation is a topical cream infused with CBD. These products are applied topically on the inflamed area and bring relief from the absorption of the CBD right on the affected area. A lot of the CBD topical creams on the market contain other useful ingredients that bring relief and protect the skin, like plant extracts and essential oils. 

The CBD topical creams have a good concentration of CBD which helps in providing quick relief. Many are made from CBD isolate which is pure CBD blended with the topical cream. Still, products made from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract are a better option, as these bring the combined effect from all the active cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. This synergistic effect is called the entourage effect. 

There is no perfect dose of CBD that works for everybody. Instead, each individual needs to try and work out the best dose for themselves. The rule of thumb is to start low and go slow, as this way you can monitor the changes and find the dose that brings the most relief to your symptoms. 

CBD Helps Your Digestive System

How does CBD help inflammation?

Many people have successfully treated inflammation with the regular use of CBD, both orally and topically. Most of the satisfied users have stated that they found greater success with the use of full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts when compared to the CBD isolate products. 

If you’re using CBD topical cream, then it is advised to look for a product made from full-spectrum hemp extract and start with applying it once a day, and increase the frequency as necessary.

Still, new evidence is sprouting every day that CBD has a great many benefits on the ECS, the health and wellbeing of the body. As it does not have any adverse effects, people can freely try CBD as an effective treatment for inflammation, but they should not stray from a healthy lifestyle.

Research in the area of CBD for inflammation is quickly evolving, and many papers have put forward some very interesting theories surrounding promising therapies for people with diseases characterized by inflammation response due to microglial cell activation and the resulting pro-inflammatory cytokine increase.  

Until there is definite evidence of exactly how CBD is acting in the body, we can’t state any certainties, but only claims from people who have tried it and have been successful in gaining relief from their symptoms. 

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